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In my last blog post, entitled I AM, I introduced you to my true self…and yours. Here is how I “self-identify”:

I AM an eternal spiritual being who has chosen to have this temporary physical experience for the purpose of growing in faith, awareness, and the ability to love unconditionally.

As an eternal spiritual being, I believe that I have experienced many incarnations on this planet (and likely other planets) in many different bodies, circumstances and geographies. I also believe that we all consciously choose our experiences and challenges in advance, based upon our ultimate free will in combination with the law of karma. We choose the pivotal experiences in our physical lives for the purpose of growing in faith, awareness, and the ability to love unconditionally.

So, when something bad happens to us that appears to come out of the blue, the question to ask is not “Why me?”, but rather “What did I intend to learn from this experience?”—knowing that, if we, in our spiritual form, consciously chose this experience for ourselves, we must be capable of overcoming it and finding the purpose in it.

Doesn’t that question, “What did I intend to learn from this experience?”, shift your perspective on difficult or even tragic experiences?

  • When we succeed, we grow in faith in ourselves.
  • When we fail, we grow in our ability to forgive ourselves and love ourselves unconditionally.
  • As our awareness grows, we feel gratitude for all experiences, even the ones that feel negative at the time.
  • We start to understand our existence from a spiritual perspective—as a soul, not a biological organism.

My soul is walking towards me. I read this line in a book recently—a very special book channelled by my dear friend and Mastermind partner Wolfgang Racher. I’ve been repeating it over and over. What does it mean?

To me, ‘My soul is walking towards me’ means that I am on my path to meeting my spiritual goals—my goals as an eternal spiritual being—in addition to my earthly ones. I AM becoming…more connected, more focused, more whole. I am growing in faith, awareness and the ability to love unconditionally. I am rising up to meet my perfect Self—the Self who never separated from God.

Nosce Te Ipsum

Latin for 'Know thyself'.

“...[this] Greek aphorism may have been adopted from Ancient Egypt: there are two parts of the ancient Luxor Temple, the External Temple, where the beginners were allowed to enter and the Internal Temple where a person was only allowed to enter after proven worthy and ready to acquire more knowledge and insights. One of the proverbs of the External Temple is "The body is the house of God." In the Internal Temple, one of the many proverbs is "Man, know thyself, and you are going to know the gods".”

From Wikipedia:

From: Acquittal for Mankind
Chapter: It is possible!
By: Wolfgang Racher

This chapter tells us that IT IS POSSIBLE to:

  • Perceive your multi-dimensional character.
  • Change your states of consciousness.
  • Move through the channel more quickly that extends from human consciousness into all other planes of perception. The passage, the path between the forms of consciousness, is becoming more and more visible and easier to follow.
  • It is entirely possible for you to move effectively through the various denser or lighter planes of perception.
  • The longing to return home is very strong in most of you. Now, it is possible, in contrast to your memories of the Earth, to be “at home”, to find security, comfort, and Love HERE—you can create it and express it here, and bring peace to Earth!
  • It is now possible for you to achieve an awareness of your deepest origins, your nature, and your mission.
  • Challenging situations are there to raise you to the same size as the challenge appears to be to you. In such situations, there is also a part of you within it, which wants to lift you up to the same size.
I see my soul walking toward me. She looks young…radiant. Her outline glows in a golden light. She bounces gleefully, every step exuding confidence and certainty. Her bright eyes sparkle with excitement. She smiles widely, ending at dimpled cheeks like the dot on double exclamation points, genuine and full of enthusiasm. Her whole being shines in joyous expectancy.

“You came!” she exclaims, as she draws closer, lifting her arms wide, high into the air.

“I did,” I reply more quietly, slightly perplexed, more astounded, drinking in the profundity of the statement.

“When you believe everything you’ve said above, what is there to be afraid of?”

Nothing.” I respond, truly realizing it for the first time.

She reaches me and I feel her warmth like sunlight.

I ask: “What do we do now?”

She smiles, then replies, “We dance.

There’s a future you—a you who already exists in the eternal present moment—who is actually calling himself or herself to the more familiar you who is reading this book. And that future you is more loving, more evolved, more conscious, more present, more kind, more exuberant, more mindful, more willful, more connected, more supernatural, and more whole. That is who is waiting for you to change your energy to match his or her energy on a daily basis so you can find that future you—who actually exists in he eternal now. Joe Dispenza

Author, Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon

Maybe there’s nothing to figure out here at all. Maybe there’s just some insight you might want to let in. Your subconscious mind will do the rest. The subconscious is a better organizer than your conscious mind ever will be. …

The universe can organize itself. The embryo doesn’t need to figure out how to become a baby. Buds don’t have to figure out how to become blossoms. Nature has its plan figured out. …

Think of a pile of iron shavings Now, what’s the best way to form the shavings into a pattern, using your fingers or introducing a magnet? Your internal self is like a magnet. Call it the Christ, or your Inner Light, or whatever; there’s a spirit within you that naturally attracts all the patterns and details that would form your most beautiful life. Marianne Williamson

Author, The Law of Divine Compensation

In this series of blog posts, “Know Thyself”, I further explore who I AM (and who YOU ARE). Please join me!

I AM Becoming...Dauntless